Point of Sale (POS) Terminals

Countertop Terminals

Buy or lease-to-own our superior VeriFone Vx series terminals. With free upgrades, state-of-the-art technology, PCI-PED Compliance and advanced features, our custom-industry POS terminals give you the equipment you need for your business.

Wireless Terminals

Discover freedom! Our Hypercom Optimum wireless point-of-sale terminals give you the mobility to accept payments almost anywhere. Offer your customers the convenience and privacy of paying where they choose. Lightweight, compact and powerful.

Point-of-Sale PIN Pads

Easy and secure PIN entry is available using our VeriFone SC 5000 PIN pad. Integrates into any point-of-sale system. Secure, reliable and lightweight.

Choose the way you pay!

No upfront purchase means flexibility to grow your business. Get superior point-of-sale hardware without the commitment of a rental contract. Choose the option that's right for you.

Contact sales@directpaynet.com for pricing and availability.

Chip Cards are becoming the North American standard

Chip cards are here! Is your business ready? Chip cards have become the global standard due to the benefits they provide to both merchants and customers. Be ahead of the competition, get your chip-compliant terminal today.

Did you know? You may be losing sales from clients with chip cards if your terminal is not up to date with the chip card technology. Don’t lose precious sales because of your old equipment. Upgrade and maximize your sales instantly!

Do you own a restaurant? Get a chip enabled wireless terminal and prepare for customer delight! Your clients will be able to pay from the convenience of their own table.

Not sure which type of equipment you need?

Every business has different needs and different customers. Let our experts help you out. Contact sales@directpaynet.com and one of our specialists will contact you to assess the most cost effective solution that will maximize your sales. Don’t waste unnecessary resources if you don’t have to, we can find the best terminal for your business.